An Excerpt

Flash-cut to the three of them in the basement, sitting around a table with cans of soda, playing a board game.

WARREN: So ... you guys wanna team up and take over Sunnydale?

Andrew and Jonathan look at each other, shrug.

ANDREW/JONATHAN: (unison) Okay.

Flash back to the present.

WARREN: Of course I remember. It was last month.
JONATHAN: Then you know we have a mission! (points) Shrink rays...

We see what he's pointing at. It's a whiteboard labeled at the top "TO DO" and including the following items:
JONATHAN: ...trained gorillas. Workable prototype jetpacks ... and chicks, chicks, chicks. I know that's the action I signed on for.
ANDREW: Me too. Ixnay on the urder-may.
WARREN: (frustrated) Vote.
JONATHAN: Okay. Who's for not killing Buffy?

Andrew and Jonathan hold up their hands, making the Star Trek "vulcan salute." They both look at Warren. Finally Warren gives in and holds up his hand too.

Excerpt From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Six: "Flooded"